15 August 2020
In the business of creating landing pages, it is very easy to become a victim of routine: you receive an order, take a template, fill it with standard elements and adapt the text to the product. But where is the creative spark? Where is the zest that can make the user want to take a conversion action?

The examples of landing pages below are taken from different areas of business, but they all have a unique design that can inspire you.


H.BLOOM's landing page wonderfully makes it clear what the essence of the service is - the creation of unique flower arrangements:

The page uses elegant fonts and photographs of bouquets that fit into the aesthetics of real houses, visually giving a sense of the value of the offer.
The lead form above the fold and the call to action make it clear what the customer is getting.
The How It Works section is a great way to clear away any doubts: it shows you how the whole process fits into 3 easy steps.

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