15 September 2020

Why a robot sells more efficiently than a living person

More contacts with the Client. A live manager makes only 1-2 touches with the client after the first contact, and if there is no deal, he transfers the lead to rejection. The robot makes up to 12 touches through the phone and messenger with various individual offers and squeezes to the deal.
How much do you think the number of purchases will increase if each client has 12 dialogs with different promotions and offers within a month instead of 1-2?
The best manager. The robot's development is based on the best calls from the best manager. The system analyzes them, and adopts combinations and techniques. The robot is an improved copy of the best manager.
Do you think if your best manager was cloned and he worked out all the clients, sales would grow?
Chime in a second. If you do not call the client 2 minutes after the application, the purchase conversion drops by 80%. Imagine how many leads are lost simply due to an untimely chime. The robot calls in a second, the client is still on your site, the client does not have time to google competitors and immediately receives an offer and advice. A serious chance of an emotional purchase.
What do you think, if all your applications were processed in 1 second, and customers did not have time to think or look for competitors, compare prices and conditions, how many additional sales would you make? How many customers did you lose because they found cheaper or better ones from a competitor while waiting for a call?
He never forgets to work through refusals and objections. The robot will call back all stuck leads or refuseniks and offer a promotion or easy entry, it will step up until the next step or deal. 30% of refuseniks are not stepped up. The robot makes up to 7 touches with each refusenik with different individual suggestions.
If with each lead who refused to buy something from you, managers would make 7 additional negotiations, with various individual offers, how many of them would you still buy?
How many refuseniks have not been squeezed out in your database now? Make a customer from a refuseniks is cheaper than new leads.
As many calls at the same time. A lot of leads came at once, or a webinar for 200 people took place - the robot will work all within a minute, and the conversion will not fall due to a long wait.
Feedback and chime algorithm. The client did not pick up the phone - the robot will call back exactly 10 minutes later and then every other day. The client asked to call back? The robot will call back at a convenient time and keep its word. He will not forget and will not be busy with a dialogue with another client.
The robot is always in touch, in the new year, at night. All applications will be processed instantly.
Always 100% correct CRM. The robot fills in customer cards in CRM itself, moves leads, loads call records and sets statuses. Always error free. It looks like CRM leads are moving themselves.
The robot will never leave, sleep, or get sick. It will save you from employee turnover, personnel selection, and will not let you down at a crucial moment.
A robot is 10 times cheaper than a human. At the same time, it works with higher conversion and efficiency.
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