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In the business of creating landing pages, it is very easy to become a victim of routine: you receive an order, take a template, fill it with standard elements and adapt the text to the product. But where is the creative spark? Where is the zest that can make the user want to take a conversion action?

The examples of landing pages below are taken from different areas of business, but they all have a unique design that can inspire you.


H.BLOOM's landing page wonderfully makes it clear what the essence of the service is - the creation of unique flower arrangements:

The page uses elegant fonts and photographs of bouquets that fit into the aesthetics of real houses, visually giving a sense of the value of the offer.
The lead form above the fold and the call to action make it clear what the customer is getting.
The How It Works section is a great way to clear away any doubts: it shows you how the whole process fits into 3 easy steps.

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Based on the implementation of more than 200 lead forms, the attraction of 1 million visitors and the conversion of more than 130,000 B2B leads, SuperOffice marketers identified 3 main areas of lead generation using forms - we hope they help you generate more potential customers.

1. Number of fields

It is believed that the more fields you add to the lead form, the fewer people fill it. This widespread opinion is based on the results of a study published in 2010 of more than 40,000 lead forms, which showed that if you reduce the number of fields in the form from 4 to 3, the number of people filling it will increase by 20%.

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Thursday, 02 July 2020 19:01

How the business uses chatbot technology

About 10 years ago, we had to repeat our question to the voice assistant several times. Nowadays speech technology does its job no worse than people. And they do it very convincingly! In 97% of cases, those who are called by “intelligent” virtual operators do not understand that they are communicating with the bot.

Where are speech technologies used?
Voice systems already "speak" on behalf of various fields: healthcare, education, housing and communal services, energy, the banking sector, and many others. The areas of application of speech technologies can be listed for a long time. They are already changing our lives, and imagine how they will develop in 10 years!
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