29 July 2020

10 examples of landing pages created for lead generation

In the business of creating landing pages, it is very easy to become a victim of routine: you receive an order, take a template, fill it with standard elements and adapt the text to the product. But where is the creative spark? Where is the zest that can make the user want to take a conversion action?

The examples of landing pages below are taken from different areas of business, but they all have a unique design that can inspire you.


H.BLOOM's landing page wonderfully makes it clear what the essence of the service is - the creation of unique flower arrangements:

The page uses elegant fonts and photographs of bouquets that fit into the aesthetics of real houses, visually giving a sense of the value of the offer.
The lead form above the fold and the call to action make it clear what the customer is getting.
The How It Works section is a great way to clear away any doubts: it shows you how the whole process fits into 3 easy steps.

2. Industrial Strength Marketing

Industrial Strength Marketing's landing page is an example of offer clarity:

The inscription “Don't make me zoom in” in the upper left corner draws attention, recalling the age-old problem: the need to adjust the screen of a mobile phone to a website that initially did not have a mobile version.
The image above the fold line makes it clear without further ado what it means to have a responsive website.
Using contrasting white and black colors on the page draws attention to a form with a red button and title.

3. Patreon

This landing page appeals to the wishes of the visitors. You are not just asked to donate money - by supporting the artist and contacting him, you become part of the process as a "patron of the arts."

The header image contains the artist at work and immediately conjures up a connection to the service being offered.
The bright orange CTA button is in the center, it contrasts with the darker background, so it becomes impossible to ignore it.
Clicking on Learn More will launch a popup video that quickly explains what Patreon is and how it works.

4. CampusTap

The first thing you see when you land on your landing page is a catchy image of the library and a strong call to action:

Despite the fact that there is very little text, the user's attention is focused on the main thing, which minimizes cognitive effort. The image is "complex", full of details, but the bright blue call button makes it stand out in the darkened corner so you don't get lost.

5. Todoist

The easier it is for a visitor to convert, the more likely it is that he will do it:

When you click on the bright red button, a form pops up saying "Sign up in a few seconds."
The phrase "More than 2 million people are doing amazing things with Todoist" is an example of Social Proof that kind of asks the question, "Why aren't you doing this yet?" The background image is a series of short videos showing various scenarios in which you can use the application. It also gives an idea of ​​how the app looks on different devices.

6. Wave

The guys at Wave just picked a great title. By not focusing on the features of the software sold, it expresses the end result. Who doesn't enjoy spending time doing what they enjoy?

The image of a person looking directly at you with a smile also works great, as it gives a visual representation of a real client. This adds credibility and humanizes the offer.

7. Vivino

Red accents on the landing page stand out against a black background and create an association with wine, and the laconic headline clearly explains the reason for downloading the app. Three tips highlight the simplicity of the app for people who love to enjoy wine but are not tech-savvy.

8. Applause

After reading the title and list of Applause benefits, users know exactly what to expect from the service. The phrase “Don't worry, we are sensitive to your personal information” helps you free yourself from hesitation and feel more comfortable entering your contact information. Combining logos from existing customers and photographs of real people tweeting testimonials is good social proof as it allows you to connect with real people when asked about a product's experience.

9. Blue Apron

Registration on the site looks simple: you only need to follow 3 simple steps (indicated in the top panel). Declaring that the client is not required to make any commitment eliminates friction. The value of the app (including a personalized menu and easy delivery) is demonstrated point by point. Included social proof in the form of satisfied customer logos.

10. Square

For successful lead generation, a video is included on the landing page, as well as a nice image that creates a sense of belonging.

In addition, the site has the ability to self-qualify leads: customers can choose what type of business they belong to, and whether their income exceeds $ 250,000 / year. The page adapts to the needs of the clients. There are company reviews, which makes it easier to understand the possible positive impact of the service.

High conversions for you!

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