Saturday, 02 March 2019 00:00

TOP 8 website mistakes that kill your sales

8 Online chats on the website
It appeared in 2006 and became the hope of entrepreneurs in the competition – online chat on the website. That was a great idea, which captured thousands of websites but turned to a useless. Operators answer very slow sometimes. And let’s be sincere… if we are fixed on buying something, we’d better call than chat. So, online chats that take agents’ time occupy the 8 th  place in the ranking of the customers' distractions. 

7 Blocking window on the exit
This is frequently abused by different websites. This blocking window on the exit “Are you sure you want to leave this website?” But the principal question is: how many people changed their mind and stayed on this website? 100% annoying window is under the number 7. 

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