02 March 2019

TOP 8 website mistakes that kill your sales

8 Online chats on the website
It appeared in 2006 and became the hope of entrepreneurs in the competition – online chat on the website. That was a great idea, which captured thousands of websites but turned to a useless. Operators answer very slow sometimes. And let’s be sincere… if we are fixed on buying something, we’d better call than chat. So, online chats that take agents’ time occupy the 8 th  place in the ranking of the customers' distractions. 

7 Blocking window on the exit
This is frequently abused by different websites. This blocking window on the exit “Are you sure you want to leave this website?” But the principal question is: how many people changed their mind and stayed on this website? 100% annoying window is under the number 7. 

6 Impossibility to get through or a busy signal
Every second person hangs up the phone if the company doesn’t answer within 5 beeps. Of course, you understood what we mean. Millions are buried on Google Adwords for nothing to draw this call. #6 in the rating of the customers’ killer is this banal impossibility to get through or a busy signal.

5 Online call button
In 2009 appeared the new widget aimed at resolving problems of online chat – online call button. You’ll be surprised but just 4 calls from 10 are successful. Why? A customer does not always have the headphones and a microphone. Than he can have low-speed internet connection and as a result bad quality of the call – that’s why online call button appears on the 5 th  place. 

4 IVR systems in the call center
This killer of the customers certainly made you nervous. For example, calling to a mobile operator your hear “To recharge the balance press 1, to know more about tariffs press 2, to go to hell press 666”. Yes, we “love” IVRs. To advertise your company and give an IVR number – is to use the killer of your customers, which is on the 4 th place. 

3 Telephone numbers in image
For example, you decide to buy MacBook, you find on your mobile phone the website where you can buy it, and there you see an image of this telephone number… You have to dial this number to call instead of a simple click – this is the killer number 3. 

2 Callback in a year
Lately, companies started to turn their faces to a customer and offer to order a callback. This is a great idea but just remember how long it takes them to call you. An hour, 24 hours, a week, a year? Free callback with little caring for a customer is on the 2 nd  place in our rating. 

1 Long feedback form
Yeah, it remains to announce a winner. This is a weapon of mass destruction. Virus born in the brain of a programmer to eradicate even the most loyal customers. Yes, these are the huge online forms. When your order something they answer your phone number, surname, email, address and another 150 details. Looooooong questionnaires are the number 1 in the rating of the customers’ killers. 

Because of these 8 killers businessmen and marketers spend money in vain Companies spend millions of dollars to attract new customers. People want their product but have difficulties to buy it. And what if a person could have the opportunity to get in touch with an agent of any company all over the world in 27 seconds?

You can do it with our callback widget Pulsar. Visit our website http://pulsarcallback.com/

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