05 December 2018

8 rules of cold calls

As an introduction, we want to tell you a short story. It was a long time ago when social networks and Internet were not so popular and did not offer many products and services. Then, a young freelancer saw the neighbor’s photo of her family and liked it so much that he take the number of telephone of that photographer and immediately called him. He left him a voicemail with an offer to create the website – he thought that people have to watch his great works. The websites were a new thing at that time, not many companies had their pages in the Internet. Now each company can have its website, be first in search engines and have thousands of subscribers in two weeks. That is why the freelancer did not hope too much that the photographer would call him back. But that’s how he acquired his first customer.

So why in the era of social media and “escalating” marketing not to turn to the method of a “cold call”?

It is not about the fact that marketing is too developed nowadays that we do not have to address to cold calls. Maybe, you’ll have to make 200 calls to get one customer. But here’s the thing why cold calls win. You can phone somebody today, make an appointment for tomorrow and get a new customer after tomorrow. Cold calls permit to get a customer today. Not in 3 months, 9 posts in social media and updates on your website but right now.

Here are 8 tips how to work with cold calls.

1. Use a script Write in advance what you are going to say and then practice until you know it by heart. If you don’t get it right the first time, try to practice in front of the mirror with a smile. You will sound more friendly this way.

2. Use your voice for the maximum effect Now when you know what to say, work with your voice. If you don’t have low voice, try to make it sound lower. More deep and low voices sound confident.

3. Answer in a reasoned manner. Do you know why people say “no”? Because they don’t have reasons to say ‘yes’. In order to receive more positive answers, you have to answer the question that is in the head of everyone: “Why do I need it?”

4. More to the point Better not to start your conversation with general questions like “How are you?” or “Can you speak now?” Despite the fact you want to seem polite, the effect will be counterproductive. People you call are always busy, you don’t have to waste their time, just make your point.

5. Ask direct questions Finish you 30-second speech with the most important question. Be direct: “Is it convenient for you to meet the next week?” Don’t try to soften the conversation, don’t be afraid to look too persistent. Uncertainty rarely gives a positive result.

6. Beware of too many questions If your potential customer asks many questions, it doesn’t mean he is interested. It means he tries to find the reason to say “no”. The decision is to react to the question (not to respond on it) and then make an appointment.

7. The resistance is not useless The principle of knee reflex is to resist the impact. You will have less customers if you agree with every “no” you will hear. Actually, you will be able to make 25% appointments more when you learn how to overcome the initial resistance.

8. Never stop calling It seems you can stop calling your customer you made an appointment with. But this can be just a meeting and not a deal. The same is with the example of 200 calls – maybe you’ll have to make five meetings and only one will result in a deal. We’d like to note that the real method of success in the cold calls – is to call. So what is stopping you?

We wish you high conversions!
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