11 September 2019

The unbearable slowness of travel agencies or How to miss a potential client

Hello, my name is Jane, and sometimes I like to spend a weekend with my boyfriend outside London – usually we rent a car to travel in England or fly to some cozy European city.

Recently I had good cause to organize a little break - two weeks remained before my boyfriend's birthday, and I decided to give him a romantic trip for a couple of days. Not having a lot of free time to call the travel agencies during the lunch break, I quickly found several websites and left requests on the possibility of organizing a weekend for two. In total, I sent 11 requests….

I was very surprised to see the new for me callback function on the websites http://www.myvacations.co.uk/ and http://www.totstoo.com with the promise to call me back right now. I was curious if they could contact me quickly, so I left my phone number. Totstoo, somehow, showed that my request could not be processed and My Vacations never called me back.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when in live chat https://www.latedeals.co.uk/ an agent answered me in a minute that they do not have such romantic offers.

What's next? I received the e-mail response from https://www.corinthiantravel.co.uk/ within 6 minutes, they sent me a list of all the possible offers of romantic weekends. In 27 minutes I had the answer from http://www.janetredlertravelandtourism.co.uk/ - as for me, pretty quickly, but I already gave the "palm tree" to the Corinthiantravel’s offer. In addition, Janet Redler Travel & Tourism wrote that they provide only tours in UK.

Within 24 hours answered http://backroadstouring.com/, and 26 - https://www.exodus.co.uk

The rest of the travel agencies did not find it necessary to answer, more than a week has passed. Of course, I chose Corinthiantravel, and in two days we are going to Egypt. Little secret: we have never been there. Yes, I decided to change our little tradition of discovering European cities, and the main reason for this was a quick and informative answer with concrete offers ;)

I hope we enjoy our trip. What is the moral of my research? In our modern world, it is very important to respond quickly to customer requests, because most often the winner is the one who first provides a customer with the necessary information and might interest him with its offer.

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