11 May 2019

Richard Branson's method in action

“Hi, my name is Richard Branson, I am the owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways. All the agents are busy at the moment…”

How to correct this misunderstanding and don’t let go a customer was invented by one Ukrainian startup by developing a simple and effective widget which is a relatively new and very popular product on the market.

Let’s focus on the heart of the problem using the example of an online shop. Product selection, basket, purchase – yes, it happens that a buyer is limited to this simple sequence and arrives to the moment of payment. However, statistics tell us that the majority of people have to talk to a sales assistant to specify the details (“Do you have the same one but in a different color?), to check the availability (“Do you sell a large wardrobe?”), in the case of special equipment and electronics there are questions of a technical nature… Moreover, maybe someone just wants to have a conversation with a real person.

Here comes the delay in most cases: “Fill in the feedback form and our assistant will contact you soon”, “Leave your phone number and we will call you”. And when a customer calls directly to the shop nobody answers. A customer is a vulnerable person, sometimes too nervous and when it comes to wait on the line the answer of an agent, he feels totally rejected, unnecessary and can easily go to your competitor. The other part of customers can live your website during the stage of filling in the form, especially if he has too many questions, and there are those who don’t have time to wait for your answer and calls to a few shops, and the other shop can answer more fast than yours. What happens next? Conversion of a website, which is actually not high, is running to zero.


As an example, a “textbook” case can be given. “Hi, my name is Richard Branson, I am the owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways. All the agents are busy at the moment… That’s not good. Let’s make it this way: if in 18 seconds nobody answers you, you’ll get a discount of 450 Ј. I’m starting the countdown – 18, 17, 16, 15…”

This voice mail became “gold words” of the billionaire and a creative person Richard Branson and were cited thousands of times in the Internet. Now it is a classical approach to increase the loyalty of the customers which call to your company. The head of Virgin Corp., unifying more than 400 companies, is very sensitive about every little thing related to business. He took into account that a customer will be far more satisfied to hear the voice of the Virgin Atlantic Airways owner than of an ordinary agent and he will count these 18 seconds with excitement in hopes for a promised discount. Finally, he gets an answer within a specified time and, not having a discount, he remains satisfied.


Nevertheless, the hero of this article is not Richard Branson. It is our startup pulsarcallback.com, which has changed to a certain extent the original Branson’s approach in the context of a modern website and created the original B2B offer for the online sales in the form of the callback widget. It has free 14 days trial. The idea is to be connected with an agent in 27 seconds, when a customer is still “hot”. This widget is a button that appears when a customer opensyour website.

Except that the widget connects an agent of your company with a customer, it records all the conversations, which you can then listen in your personal account with statistics of calls. Finally, the widget offers you a good quality of calls.

Thus, Richard Branson was one of those who inspired us to create this useful callback widget. Isn’t it great?

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